Hybrid Automatic Wall Mounted Dispenser

Touchless & Hybrid Sanitizing Station

Gel Hand Sanitizer

Liquid Hand Sanitizer

Features & Benefits

Eco Friendly

Our Sani Station has electrical option so as to eliminate the cost and environmental impact of batteries.


Our SaniStation can be used with four AA Batteries or Electricity.


Eliminate use of expensive cartridges and contracts. Use Bulk Gel or Liquid.


Only Sani-Station in the industry with a removable drip tray that can be washed and sterilized daily.

Sturdy Stand

Made with heavy duty powder coated steel stand with wide heavy base ensuring safety.

Available Parts

Replacement parts available with a 90 day warranty. Easy 10 minute installation.

For Educational & Commercial Facilities

Learn to rub interlacing fingers with hand sanitizer, like Germs Be Gone!..that contains at least 65% alcohol as recommended by CDC. Apply 1-2 pumps/sprays to hands to cover them with gel or liquid. Rub hands together, interlacing fingers, rotating fingers around thumbs, rubbing nails into palms, and rubbing all areas of hands and wrists, until product fully evaporates. This takes around 20 seconds. Do not rinse or wipe off hand sanitizer before it dries.